Lassi – Two Ways

A tall glass of refreshing lassi is perfect for drinking on a hot day. In addition, a lassi is a great drink for anyone who wants to cool their palate down after a spicy curry. Below, you will find two handy and authentic recipes for this most delectable of Indian drinks. So, if you have been seeking a recipe for plain lassi and mango lassi, then look no further.

Recipe for plain lassi.

A plain lassi can be sweet or salty, depending on your tastes. Or, you can make it with a little salt and a little sugar together (if you like the mix of sweet and salty popcorn in the cinema then you may well prefer this combination). First, take two cups of fresh natural yogurt. If you want to be absolutely authentic, you can use two cups of fresh curd. Whatever you use, make sure that it is nice and chilled. Now, dissolve your salt or sugar into 1-2 cups of cold water or cold milk. Start with 5 teaspoons of sugar or salt and add more to taste. Add this milk or water mixture to the yogurt or curd and mix gently. The resulting mixture should make at least two lassis, so you can share one with a friend or family member. Now, it is time for the optional extras. You can drink your plain lassi just like this if you want to, but there are a few ways to jazz it up. For example, if the weather is swelteringly hot, simply crush 6 ice cubes in a blender and mix them in to the lassi. To add some beautiful Indian flavor to your lassi, you can pour in a couple of teaspoons of rose water, a pinch of cardamom and/ or a few strands of golden saffron. Top your lassi with crushed, dried rose petals or slivers of fruit for an extra special effect.

Recipe for mango lassi.

To make a mango lassi, simply follow the guidelines above for making a plain lassi – using sugar rather than salt. Add in half a teaspoon of cardamom to the mix before stirring in a whole chopped up mango. Pour the whole mixture into a blender and whizz it gently for a few seconds until the mango has been completely pulped up and mixed in with the milk and yogurt mixer. Be careful not to blend it for too long – you do not want to end up with mango flavored butter! Finally, if the day is a hot one, simply follow the tip above and add some crushed ice cubes to the mix. You can top your mango lassi off with curd cream, a swirl of mango pulp or just a further sprinkle of golden brown cardamom. Serve chilled, either by itself or with a hot curry. This lassi also makes a brilliant dessert! Some people find that honey tastes better than sugar in a mango lassi, so you can experiment with that flavor combination, too, if you like to see which one you prefer.


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